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Tiling installation tips

Tiling can be fun to plan, but also daunting when it starts. The following advice will assist you with the installation process:

Plan and get ready:

To calculate the quantity of tiles and other materials you’ll need, carefully measure the area. Supply us with the measurements, at UC Tiles our team will gladly assist in working out what materials you need.

Choose the tile type and size that best suits your tastes and the needs of the room.
Make sure the subfloor is clean, level, and free of any dirt or unevenness before proceeding. The preparation also needs to be done on to smooth surfaces.

Get the equipment and supplies you need:

  • Applying your adhesive with a suitable trowel 
  • Tile spacers to keep the distance between the tiles uniform.
  • To cut tiles, use a tile cutter or wet saw / diamond tip blades
  • Use a sponge or rag to clean the grout
  • Level, a ruler, and chalk lines for precise positioning

Plan your layout:

Plan how you want the layout to look before installation. This aids in making any necessary modifications before applying glue.

Adhere to a pattern:

Select a tile-laying pattern like herringbone, diagonal, or straight. Make sure the pattern is uniform and eye-catching over the entire floor.

Put adhesive on:

In accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the adhesive.

Working in small areas at a time, start in one corner of the room and use a trowel to uniformly spread the adhesive.

Install the tiles:

Gently push the tiles into the adhesive, making sure to distribute the pressure evenly. To keep the distance between tiles constant, use tile spacers.

Tile cutting and fitting

Tiles that must be cut to fit around the room’s edges or obstructions are measured and marked.
To make the required cuts, use a tile cutter or wet saw while adhering to safety precautions.

Allow enough time for drying:

Prior to grouting, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the recommended drying time for the adhesive. 


In accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the grout.
Apply the grout diagonally across the tiles with a grout float, making sure to thoroughly fill any gaps.

Cleaning up

Use a damp sponge to remove any extra grout from the tiles after a brief drying period.

Observe the curing time recommendations provided by the grout manufacturer.
the last touches

Always remember to refer to the precise guidelines and recommendations listed in the instructions supplied by the manufacturers of the tile and glue, grout and tiles

When using tile cutters and adhesives, remember to take safety precautions such using safety goggles and gloves.