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How many tiles in a square meter

Tile Calculator

Probably one of the most asked questions is how many tiles or boxes of tiles will I need ?

Our sales staff will gladly assist and do this calculation for you all we need is the size of the room and or walls.

Here is how to calculate, BUT if your in a hurry you can also use the online tool to calculate.

  • Floor areas:

    You would need to measure the room from one corner to the other length of each wall. If the room is a perfect square shape you would need to measure 2 walls for us to assist.

  • Walls:

    You would need to measure the length of the wall from one corner to the other, as well as the height that you would like to tile. Repeat for all walls, unless it is a square room then we will only need the measurement of 2 walls

The calculator will help you figure out exactly how many tiles you need for your project. Simply add in your room dimensions (length and width) and our tile calculator will do the rest.

Use our tile calculator today then visit us in store to shop for that dream design.

How do I calculate how many tiles I need?

When it comes to tiling a floor or wall, one of the most important considerations is how many boxes of tiles you will need. This can be a tricky calculation, as it depends on the size of the tiles and the area of the floor or wall.


How does a tile calculator work?

Step 1 – Click in the box next to each measurement for example if the room is 4 meters x 5 meters then complete the first block with a 4 and the next with a 5.

The calculator will then provide an answer for how many square meters of tiles you will need.

Step 2 – Next complete the sizes of the tiles – for example lets say your using a 250mm x 500mm tile, complete these in the two lines provided next to the tile length and tile width lines provided.

Step 3 – Complete the gap size. This will be the desired grouting size between the tiles. At UC Tiles we always will recommend that you install tiles per the manufacturers specifications. Please check with our sales staff which space is applicable for your tiles. How ever working on a 5mm space is in most cases applicable


Step 4 – Complete the waste factor. This is also known as cutting and waste. 10% is in most cases the minimum you should use but please remember depending on the size of the tile the waste factor can be more ( remember to discuss this with our team)

And there you go the calculator will work out what you need. You can also choose to complete the next two lines if you have the info on hand. Simply in the lines complete how many square meters are in the box that you plan to buy and the price per box. This will provide you with an estimate of what you would need.

We must also mention – the online calculator is just to help and provide you a +- estimation. For a formal and full Quote please contact our Sales Team, they will gladly help.

UC Tiles cannot be held to an estimation made on the calculator as our sales team will use the correct info to work it out exactly.