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Can tiles be tiled over existing flooring

Yes, tiles can often be laid over existing flooring; however, this is dependent on numerous circumstances, including the quality of the existing flooring, the type of tiles being installed, and the tile manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Condition of current flooring: The current flooring must be in good condition, with no cracks, damage, or unevenness. If there are any problems with the existing floor, these should be resolved before putting in new tiles.

2. Type of Tiles Being Installed: Some tiles, such as ceramic and porcelain, are more suited for installation over existing flooring than others. 

These tiles are commonly used for this purpose due to their durability and ability to cling to a variety of surfaces.

3. Preparation: The appropriate preparation of the existing floor is critical for effective tile installation. This usually requires thoroughly cleaning the surface, correcting any damage, and ensuring that it is flat and level.

A preparation coat or primer is needed to prep the floor. a good example of this is Keymix powder and Key liquid. You can reach out to our sales team, who will gladly explain how this system works. 

Tile adhesive: Use a suitable adhesive to connect the new tiles to the existing floor. The type of glue used may differ depending on the type of tile and the existing flooring material.

Grout: Grout is used to fill gaps between tiles and add stability. 

Thickness: Installing new tiles over existing flooring raises the height of the floor. This should be considered, especially in places with transitions to adjacent rooms or thresholds.

Professional Consultation: Consult with a professional tile installer or contractor to determine whether laying tiles over existing flooring is appropriate for your unique circumstances and to guarantee that the installation is completed correctly.

Overall, while it is possible to place tiles over existing flooring, it is critical to assess the state of the existing floor and adhere to proper installation processes for the best outcomes.

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