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Interlocking entrance carpets


Easy fit floor tiles – unpack and lay in minutes, not hours

  • Innovative product, entrance mat in a box.
  • Easier to transport than matting on a roll and potentially less wastage compared with cutting from a roll.
  • Simple entrance matting solution with practical and creative design impact.
  • Easy fit, just lay into place on the subfloor using a tackifier or adhesive. You only need to cut the last row of tiles, hand tools can be used to cut and shape if needed.
  • Solid surface design prevents dirt from falling through the mat, making maintenance easy with regular vacuuming.
  • The rib features on each tile align perfectly, creating minimal installation waste.
  • Numerous laying patterns offer added flexibility for creating desired finish.
  • Individual tiles can be replaced if they become damaged, eliminating the need to replace the entire entrance matting area.
  • No Shrinkage
  • Only for recessed applications.
  • Installation method: Glue recommendation for installation – TECHEM Adhesive TEC PSA 006. Apply glue with notched trowel. Allow curing time. 

Styles Available

Q Beez Grey
Q Beez Anthracite